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  • February 11, 2009

Celebrating Women Who Build Our Communities

Second annual Leading Women, Building Communities awards

LONDON – Area MPPs honoured many exceptional women community leaders at a ceremony this afternoon.

Deb Matthews, MPP London North Centre and Ontario’s Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, Chris Bentley, MPP London West, and Khalil Ramal, MPP London-Fanshawe, hosted the region’s second annual Leading Women, Building Communities awards presentation today.

A total of 35 women from communities within the three London area ridings were honoured with the Leading Women, Building Communities award.

The award recognizes women whose leadership helps improve the lives of women and girls in our region. Londoners and area MPPs were asked to submit nominations.

“I’m delighted that so many women are being recognized for their contribution to our community,” Matthews said on behalf of her colleagues. “All of these women lead by example, and have worked hard to assist other women and girls realize their full potential.”

Award recipients include women who:

§Champion issues and lead improvements in the lives of women and girls in their community.

§Bring people together to build stronger communities and to create positive social change.

§Support the participation of women from diverse ethno/racial/cultural communities in the social and economic life of the community.

§Take initiative to create communities where women and children live free from violence.

§Promote women’s and girls’ health and well-being (physical, mental, emotional) through education, community service or research.

§Provide young women with guidance, mentoring and coaching, and opportunities for empowerment.

§Build networks, break new ground or remove barriers to support women’s participation in their chosen field of endeavour.

§Encourage and support women to engage in the political process.

“There are women all across Ontario who, like our local recipients, make an enormous contribution to their communities,” said Chris Bentley, MPP London West. “I am please to be able to recognize some of London’s Leading Women for their hard work.”

"London is a richer and more compassionate community because of the commitment and energy of women like the ones we are honouring today," said Ramal. "These honourees represent a larger group of dedicated volunteers who realize that a simple act of giving can benefit everyone."

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