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  • June 11, 2009

Rent Bank In London Supports Low-Income Families

McGuinty Government Helps Residents Avoid Eviction

NEWS                                               June 10, 2009

London low-income families who have missed a rent payment are getting assistance from Ontario to avoid eviction.

Under the program, a tenant who is facing eviction for non-payment of rent can apply to the local rent bank to receive financial assistance. If a tenant’s application is approved, the outstanding rent is paid directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.

This year, London will receive $188,200 for their rent bank under the Provincial Rent Bank Program. The funding is part of $5 million allocated today among rent banks across Ontario.

As part of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the province announced stabilized funding for the Rent Bank program with a dedicated commitment of $5 million per year. The Poverty Reduction strategy sets a hard target of reducing the number of children living in poverty by 25 per cent over 5 years – that’s 90,000 kids.


“Having a place to live is at the very foundation of breaking the cycle of poverty, be it by getting a good education or by getting or keeping a job. The rent bank will help London families when they need it the most.” said Deb Matthews MPP, London North Centre and Chair of the Poverty Reduction Results Table.


·The province established the Provincial Rent Bank Program in 2004. To date, the program has prevented more than 18,700 low-income households from being evicted due to a missed rent payment.

·By 2008, the province had invested $23.8 millionin the program.

·Typically, tenants can apply for financial assistance from a rent bank no more than once in two years, and receive maximum assistance of two months’ rental arrears.


Deb Matthews MPP, (519) 432-7339

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