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  • November 10, 2010

One Million More Ontarians Have a Family Doctor

McGuinty Government Improving Access to Care in London

Ontario has helped one million more people find a family doctor since 2003 - and the London area family health teams are part of that success. 

The London area family health teams began accepting patients and now have 120,226 patients under their care including 17,871 that did not previously have a regular family doctor. 

One million more people have a family doctor because Ontario has trained more doctors, and added 160 more first-year spaces in medical schools with another 100 on the way. 

The province also created 200 Family Health Teams and there are 21 per cent more internationally-trained doctors now seeing Ontario patients. 

Having access to family health care helps keep pressure off hospital emergency rooms and most importantly, delivers peace of mind to Ontario families. 

Investing in front line health care is part of the government’s Open Ontario Plan to provide more access to health care services and improve quality and accountability for patients.

“Our government pledged to help one million more Ontarians find a doctor and I’m proud to say we have met our goal. That means Family Health Teams like the London area family health teams have helped us connect 16 people per hour to a family doctor since 2003."
-Deb Matthews, MPP London North Centre

Quick Facts 
•Ninety-four per cent of Ontarians aged 16 or over now have a family doctor. 
Health Care Connect is an innovative doctor referral service that connects doctors with Ontarians who need one. 
•By 2013, twice as many doctors will be graduating from Ontario medical schools than in 2003. 
•The Northern Ontario School of Medicine has the capacity to train 224 students per year.
•Ontario has created more than 10,000 nursing positions since 2003 and is moving forward with 25 nurse practitioner-led clinics across the province.

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