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  • April 05, 2014

Children with Epilepsy Receive Physical Activity and Sports Program

Government Provides Support to Help Build Physical Literacy Skills

Epilepsy Support Centre (ESC) has been awarded $37,450 through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund to run a sports program that helps children with epilepsy build physical literacy skills and boost self-confidence.

“I’m delighted that our government is supporting this terrific program,” said Deb Matthews MPP, London North Centre. “It’s important that children of all abilities are able to participate in recreational sports. Game On gives kids with neurological conditions the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their confidence, make new friends and have fun.”

ESC did a survey with parents that compared the physical activity level of a child with epilepsy and their siblings who don’t have epilepsy. They found that 100 percent of the siblings have participated in extracurricular sports. Only 33 percent of children with epilepsy had ever participated.

“This grant is giving us the opportunity to provide a program to local children with epilepsy and other neurological disorders, that haven't traditionally participated in physical activity programs, an opportunity to develop physical activity skills that we hope will inspire them to stay physically active throughout their lifetime,” said Donna Pammer, Executive Director of Epilepsy Support Centre. “We know from our work with families that sometimes these children are not as physically active as they would like. This program gives them that opportunity in a safe and inclusive environment."

Supporting healthy, strong communities is part of the Wynne government’s commitment to provide Ontarians with access to programs that help them live healthier, more active lives.



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