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  • Posted:May 08, 2009

Making London Area Schools Greener

McGuinty Government Creates More Than 5,500 Jobs In The Green Economy

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  • Posted:March 03, 2009

Ontario Invests In Community Services In London

McGuinty Government Helps Build Safe, Secure and Accessible Community Agencies

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  • Posted:February 11, 2009

Celebrating Women Who Build Our Communities

Second annual Leading Women, Building Communities awards

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  • Posted:January 12, 2009

London-Wide Appeal for Children's Books

Deb Matthews Encourages London Area Residents to Donate Books

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  • Posted:December 15, 2008

London To Receive $3.3 Million More From McGuinty Government in 2009

Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund Support and Strengthens Communities

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  • Posted:December 01, 2008

Ontario Improves Access To Community-Based HIV/AIDS Services

McGuinty Government Provides $66,600 To London Community-Based HIV/AIDS Services

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  • Posted:October 31, 2008

Province Eases Financial Pressures on City of London and Property Taxpayers

McGuinty Government to Upload Social Assistance Benefit Costs from Municipalities

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  • Posted:September 19, 2008

Faster Care For Ontario's Youngest Patients

McGuinty Government Reducing Wait Times For Kids

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  • Posted:July 09, 2008

Increasing Access to High Quality Child Care

McGuinty Government Making Child Care More Affordable In London-Middlesex

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  • Posted:July 07, 2008

London/Middlesex is Attracting More Newcomers Online

McGuinty Government Helping London/Middlesex Strengthen Its Economy with Skilled Newcomers

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  • Posted:April 13, 2008

Ontario Provides Over $8 million in New Funding to London Hospitals This Year

New investments to help Hospitals Reduce Wait Times and Improve Access to Care

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  • Posted:April 03, 2008

It's About Fairness: New Payday Lending Law to Regulate Industry

McGuinty Government Protecting Most Vulnerable Consumers

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  • Posted:March 28, 2008

Ontario Shuts Off the Lights for Earth Hour

Deb Matthews Encouraging London Residents to Take Part in Global Effort To Promote Energy Conservation

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  • Posted:March 27, 2008

Ontario Invests in London Infrastructure, Jobs

McGuinty Government Building Stronger Communities

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